“We’re all starring in our own movie.
The world is our set, the sun our keylight.
Act boldly, you only have one take!”


Welcome to my website!


Guided tour at NOS studio! (Dutch news)

In August 2014 I’ve joined Sint Lucas, a creative school in Eindhoven. I’m doing a 4 year studies to become a qualified Audio Visual Specialist. I just started my 3rd year and also my internship at DocuMedia, a company located at Strijp-S in Eindhoven!

My dream is becoming really good at editing and making beautiful, moving films that both I and the client can be proud of!

All the video’s I make at school will be displayed on this website, under the tab SintLucas and the movies I make during my internship will get a tab too when I have the right to either link or upload them!

If you like to contact me, leave a message on the contact page.
Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

– Elise Kuijpers 

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