Welcome to my website!

In August 2014 I’ve joined Sint Lucas, a creative school in Eindhoven.
I’m doing a 4 year studies to become a qualified Audio Visual Specialist.
In my third year I finished my internship at DocuMedia, a company located at Strijp-S in Eindhoven!
Currently I’m in my 4th and last year, and I’m preparing for new adventures!

My dream is becoming really good at pre-production,
audio recording/mixing & editing.
I want to make
beautiful, moving films
that speak to the heart.

I really like languages & I translate/subtitle English and Dutch films,
simply because I really enjoy it. (and I’m good at it too!)
Have someting to translate or subtitle? Leave a message on the contact page.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

– Elise Kuijpers 

Who I am img_2116

  • Born on march 14th, 1990. (also known as π day) in the Netherlands
  • My parents call me Lisette but legally my name is Elise.
  • I lived in Finland ♥ from August 2008 until june 2009 as an exchange student.
  • Right now I live in Budel, the Netherlands with my partner Nico and my dog Lizzy.
  • My hobbies are photography, writing & everything that has to do with creating film. I love to dance, swim and do Tai Chi. I am a classically trained singer and I can also play (any kind of) flute.
  • I love to travel, meet new people and learn new languages. I know Dutch, English, basic Mandarin Chinese, German and Finnish.
  • My biggest ambition is growing as a person, making the best of life and doing my part in making the world a “better place”.
  • I’m very skilled with computers, as well as Windows as Mac.
  • I enjoy learning new things and I learn fast.
  • For my productions I use Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere pro, Photoshop and other Adobe programs.
  • As a hobby I really enjoy translating and subtitling movies. I do this as a side-job.
  • I have a (health-)disability but I don’t let that stop me!
  • I have a positive attitude, I’m a go-getter and always up for a challenge!

Want to connect or know more about me?
Don’t hesitate to Contact me!

Portfolio Videos:

Video’s I made during my 4 years of school:

This is a movie I made for my final exam project in 2018.
It’s a short documentary/portrait about Ad & Thea Kuijpers and their 60 jears of marriage,
their life together, how it started and shaped to what it is nowadays.

This is a video I made together with DocuMedia during my internship.
It’s a personal portrait of a woman named Talitha.
Her story is personal, touching and hopeful. Enjoy!

This movie I made for a colleague of mine during my internship at DocuMedia.
She’s an artist and does projects like these. It was very challenging but fun to make this movie.

“Emma is a specially active woman from Drents Dorp (village in Eindhoven, the Netherlands).
She participates in almost everything. Since a little while she stopped showing up at the activities.
A search is started.”

An informative film about Aquaponics.
psswrd: Aqua040

This is a film I made during my 2nd year at SintLucas. It’s a portrait about a special volunteer in a community center in Helmond, who works hard for a better district. It was a specially fun assigment to do because it was the first assignment that we were free to do anything and any subject. Thanks to this assignment I realized I like to work documentary style.

These movies I made on behalf of a friend of mine who’s a photographer.
He exhibits his photo’s frequently. The first film is a “teaser” for an exhibition.
The second one is an “after-movie” with pictures made during the exhibition.

School assignment year 2, corporate video, 30 seconds max.
I chose B&O because I like the brand and it’s the type of brand that needs a certain style
to be displayed the right way.

Short portrait film about a pedicure in Helmond, the Netherlands.
School assignment, end of year 2.

School assignment, year 2. “Vrije Politiek”.
Introduction video about your political party of choice.

Filmed during school’s 1st year introduction days.
My “start level”, no skills learned at school yet.
(Made in Abobe Premiere Pro)

Typographic Animation.